Seven Seas Magazine | Ocean Hope Chronicles: Hands-On Hope at Project Puffin

Project Puffin’s pioneering seabird colony methods inspire restoration projects around the world. 

Mission Blue | Hope in the Coral Triangle

The humanitarian fallout from fisheries collapses is staggering. Approximately 120 million people depend on fisheries either for food or their livelihood in the Coral Triangle.

Ocean Country (North Atlantic Books, 2015)

Ocean Country, with a foreword by Carl Safina, is an adventure story, a call to action, and a poetic meditation on the state of the seas. But most importantly, it is the story of finding true hope in the midst of one of the greatest crises to face humankind.

Asian Geographic | Stripped to the Bone

Record-breaking high temperatures trigger a coral bleaching event in the Turks and Caicos Islands which becomes a sentinel for climate change impacts.

GreenBiz | Brace Yourself: Hope Is Taking the Upper Hand

Because of climate change and mass extinction the scientific consensus is that life as we know it is gravely threatened — our safety from extreme weather, our food, our water, and the air we breathe.

Seven Seas Magazine | Ocean Hope Chronicles: The Mid-Ocean Mysteries of Humpback Whales

Andrew Stevenson’s discoveries about humpback whale behavior in Bermuda make a compelling case for increased protection.