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True Hope is Like True Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about hope this past week. Like so many, I’ve been asking, Where is the hope in this? And asking myself if the hope I write and speak about still holds. My answer to both questions is, Yes. I’ve been realizing something though, slowly, like...

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The Peace of Restoration

Imagine for a moment a garbage-strewn harbor bereft of fish, toxic chemicals leaching from the debris into the water. How many times have you seen this in a news article? Last August I visited Bahowo, a small village in North Sulawesi, where...

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Poem: The Late Rains

THE LATE RAINS The late rains came. Under a dark sky all felt illumined. Defiant brightness refused the blanket of gray, like a lantern dangling rebelliously at a cliff’s edge. I scattered them like stardust over the thirsty earth. Millions flew out of my...

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Hidden Gems: A Visit to Birch State Park

Last week I traveled to Fort Lauderdale to speak about Ocean Country at the Broward Library Foundation’s literary festival. Every year authors speak to high school students, mingle with guests at a large gala reception, and then each author...

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Hope Happens When We Get Out of Neutral

Say there’s a political cause you oppose - which of these two public relations strategies would best keep a lid on its growth? Tell people that the movement is gathering steam and it scares you because your interests could be curtailed? Uh, uh. Paint the movement as a...

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Climate Change, Morality and Social Change

We tend to have collective amnesia about how social change occurs. I’ve been asking myself over and over lately, Where does change come from? It happens right smack in the middle of mindsets that tell us that whatever it is we want to change...

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Summer Reading

This morning I closed my eyes and asked myself to think of what words I associated with summer. Without the baggage of complete sentences these words surfaced: innocence, silence, an uncluttered life. In a desperate attempt to carve out a...

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Ocean Country

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